Suge Knight Hospitalized After Fall in Jail Cell; New Video Shows Him Confronting Photographer

Suge Knight
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

It looks as though Suge Knight can’t catch a break this week. After being jailed for allegedly stealing a photographer’s camera, the former rap mogul had a jail-cell accident.

According to the Associated Press, Knight was hospitalized over the weekend after falling in his jail cell. Knight’s attorney, Richard Schonfeld, said his client experienced dizziness and chest pain after his fall.  Schonfeld made the announcement during an extradition-and-bail hearing stemming from the Sept. 5 incident. Knight’s attorney is seeking bail so the Death Row co-founder can return to California, where he faces up to 30 years in jail on his felony robbery charge.


Over the weekend, TMZ released a new video showing Knight’s encounter with the female photographer as he gets in her face and refers to her as a bitch. In addition to yelling at the photographer, he also threatened to have her beat up. “I got a bitch to come beat your motherf—king ass,” Knight stated in the video.

Kat Williams previously stated that he was at the scene when the incident happened, but there’s no sign of him in the video. Williams was released from jail last Wednesday. 

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