Suge Knight after he was booked by police in Las Vegas Oct. 29, 2014, on charges he stole a photographer’s camera. Knight now also faces charges in a fatal hit-and-run in Compton, Calif., Jan. 29, 2015. 
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department via Getty Images

Updated Friday, Jan. 30, 7:32 a.m EST: According to CNN, Suge Knight has been arrested on suspicion-of-murder charges. He is being held on $2 million bail.


Former Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight was involved in a fatal hit-and-run in Compton, Calif., Thursday, authorities said.


Knight’s attorney, James Blatt, said that Knight was attacked by two crew members on the set of the N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton. Knight allegedly hit the men as he was fleeing to escape the danger. But Los Angeles County police tell a different story.

According to the Los Angeles Times, police say that after the argument on the set, Knight followed the men to a burger joint and then ran them over. Several eyewitnesses told authorities that after hitting the men with his truck, he made sure to back over them before fleeing the scene, leaving one person dead. TMZ, which first reported the story, says that Terry Carter, the man who died, was a “friend” of Knight.


Lt. John Corina of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said that authorities are waiting for Knight to surrender. “We’re waiting for [Blatt] to call us. He’s still trying to talk to his client. We’re waiting for him to turn himself in. Sooner or later he will,” Corina said.

“It was an argument,” he added. “They’re acquaintances. I’m sure they know each other. And it just went bad.”


“Bad” is an understatement.

It seems as though Knight’s new year is starting off in the same way his year ended: in a flurry of violence. Knight’s 2014 included getting shot six times at a Chris Brown party, as well as being accused of stealing a photographer’s camera, a charge for which he’s currently out on $500,000 bail.

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