Suffering Lupita Withdrawal? Follow Her on Instagram Right Now

Charla Lauriston
“#tbt #sparkly #scratchy Everything That Glitters For The Gold #UnderTheOscarDress @theellenshow”

Emergency! 911! Get on Instagram and follow Lupita Nyong’o, stat! There’s nothing more life affirming than scrolling through Twitter and finding a link to Lupita’s Instagram that you didn’t know existed. And yes, it’s as flawless and adorable as you’d expect.


Oh, nothing, this is just my family chillin’ with Oprah. No big deal.

And just in case we forgot that she is everything, here is where she poses her award with the outfit she wore to the NAACP Image Awards.


And the Oscars.


Charla Lauriston is a standup comedian and the creator of Clench & Release, a Web series about the frustrations of everyday life in New York City. Follow her on Twitter.

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