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Styles P in 2013
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People wondered why Styles P wasn't onstage with his rap group, the Lox, during the Bad Boy anniversary performance at the BET Awards last month. 

The Bronx, N.Y., rapper revealed in an Instagram post Sunday that his daughter committed suicide last month.


"I rarely speak on my personal issues and i usually express my pain through music but today I will share a little with you last month my wife and I lost a daughter and my son lost a sister," he wrote. "My baby girl took her life and there are no words to describe the day to day pain we have to endure."

Styles P described the immense pain he still feels but also said how, for a long time, he put a disproportionate amount of his energy into chasing success and making money. His daughter's suicide has made him put things in perspective.


"I have been chasing the dollar bill since I was 12 years old I hustled I worked legal jobs and even manage[d] to make my dream of making it as a rapper come true," he explained. "I have popped bottles before it was the thing to do, I have owned beamers, benzos, rovers, trucks […] but I can honestly tell you don't none of that [s—t] add up or equal to love!!" the rapper said. 

Styles P implored his followers to prioritize their loved ones over material possessions and professional ambition: "I wouldn't be me if I didn't take this time out to say from the most humbled part of my heart and soul […] that the dream most of us chase is not !!! I repeat is not !!more valuable than the love you get from your family and friends it may seem like it is but it ain't. […] So I just want to tell yall keep it family 1st and don't get lost and lose your focus […] the fam is way more important than anything else."


Well said, Styles P. Sincerest condolences to you and your family, and thank you for reminding the hip-hop community of that message.

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