Students Show Love for Classmate After She Admits Having Self-Esteem Issues Because of Dark Skin


Every once in a while, the internet will bring tears to your eyes. And a viral video from a Baltimore City classroom proves that solidarity among black women and girls can be magical.


Janiyah is a 13-year-old student at Southwest Baltimore Charter School, and during a recent class activity, she opened up to her classmates about her self-esteem issues.

“I thought light-skinned girls were pretty because I was always the black ugly girl,” Janiyah said. “You can look at all the light-skinned complexions and everybody is in love with them.”


Janiyah went on to talk about how she didn’t feel pretty because she’s dark-skinned, and that’s when her teacher, Valencia D. Clay, suggested that Janiyah’s classmates give her compliments.

Clay, who, according to ABC News, has been a teacher for nine years, also showered Janiyah with compliments.

“I love your voice. I love your brilliance. I love your creativity. I love when you sing. I love how caring you are,” Clay said.


And this is the type of teacher every student deserves to have.

I’m not crying. You’re crying.

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

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this is AMAZING. i can’t imagine how i would have felt at 13, if someone would have taken my deepest font of self-hatred, and turned it around and told me it was beautiful. i might not still be figthing it today at 48. it might not have fueled my addiction. i might have more heart, compassion and strength to fight for those around me who have less loving compassion coming their way than i do, and god knows they need it. that teacher deserves a million trillion dollars and needs to teach ALL THE OTHER TEACHERS.