Screenshot of student’s answer on a school test

You know that child who always has something to say, is always in grown folks' business and always has a legitimate retort whenever he or she is told to do something by an adult?

I'm talkin' the kind of kid you tell to "be quiet and go somewhere" because you've realized that the child has outsmarted you.

That's likely the kind of kid who took this math test and responded to one of the questions with a hilariously slick but clever answer. His or her parent took a photo of the test and the photo went viral on social media. 

In the photo, we see that the student answered a simple "greater than or less than" arithmetic question about whether Bobby or Amy had more money.


The second question asked the student to explain how he or she arrived at the answer—to "show your thinking." The student drew a stick figure and a thought bubble hovering above the head with problem No. 1's answer in it: "Bobby."

Yep, it literally showed the student thinking that the answer to the first problem was Bobby. If I'm having a hard time explaining it, it's because the photo is 20 times funnier than words could ever do justice. 


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