Still Want to Watch The Cosby Show on TV? Well, Good Luck With That

Protesters gather outside Bill Cosby’s Far From Finished tour at Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center May 2, 2015, in Atlanta. 
Marcus Ingram/Getty Images

Although the Bill Cosby drug-and-rape scandal still has its legs, there are some out there who still enjoy sitting back with their pudding pops and reminiscing about the good ol’ days while watching old episodes of The Cosby Show. Unfortunately, if you don’t own DVD episodes of the seasons, you’ll be hard pressed to find the show airing in syndication on television.

Over the last year, networks have pulled the sitcom from their stations, and as of Monday, there aren’t too many places where you can find it being aired. Centric, a BET-owned station, yanked the show from its network Wednesday “until further notice,” according to a company spokesman.


Following in that network’s footsteps was Bounce TV, but it pulled a different show starring Cosby. From 1996-2000 Cosby, along with Phylicia Rashad, starred in Cosby, a series about an elderly couple living in New York City.

But there’s one other place you can find The Cosby Show, and that’s Hulu. If you’re a premium member, you’re still able to stream the series online and via your smart TVs or other devices. So not all is lost.


What really sucks in all of this is that other actors from The Cosby Show are now missing out on royalties they received from the show’s being in syndication. Although some of Cosby’s previous co-stars have been seemingly silent, Raven-Symoné and Rashad have stood by his side.

One has to wonder what Lisa Bonet feels about the whole situation, especially since Cosby shamed her after she appeared in the explicit film Angel Heart.


In any event, remember the good laughs you got from The Cosby Show, but also remember that he’s still a dirty old man with a penchant for Quaaludes.

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