Stephon Marbury Expresses Frustration About Sneaker Violence

Stephon Marbury
STR/AFP/Getty Images
Stephon Marbury
STR/AFP/Getty Images

Since announcing the rerelease of his Starbury sneaker, Stephon Marbury has been using social media to defend the low-priced sneaker. Going for only $15, the sneaker is something that is obviously dear to Marbury’s heart. Earlier this week, Marbury defended the price of the sneaker and even stated that they’re made in the same factory as the popular, much more expensive sneaker peddled by Michael Jordan since 1984.

Now Marbury is hinting that his affordable sneaker could put an end to sneaker violence and the fact that people are getting beat up and sometimes killed over a pair of sneakers.

In a series of tweets, Marbury pointed out an old magazine cover referencing the deaths that have occurred over sneakers:


Although the magazine cover cited in Marbury’s tweet is from 1990, sneaker violence is still occurring. Earlier this year, a 15-year-old boy named Antiono Maurice Boykin was charged as an adult with attempted murder in a robbery over a pair of sneakers. Antiono was allegedly buying a pair of Jordans from a 19-year-old woman when he tried to kill her.

In another incident, a 20-year-old from the Bronx, N.Y., was stabbed to death by his mother’s boyfriend, police said, when he confronted the 57-year-old about stealing his sneakers. And late last year, in Dayton, Ohio, a boy was shot dead after he tried to rob a man for his limited-release Jordans.

Although Marbury’s sneakers may not stop sneaker violence, you have to commend him for attempting to make a difference, unlike other athletes with sneaker brands.

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