Starbury sneakers
Stephon Marbury via Instagram

In 2006, Stephon Marbury decided to do something that some people considered out of the ordinary when it came to a sneaker line. Marbury teamed up with the now-defunct Steve & Barry’s to create an affordable sneaker, aptly named the “Starbury.” Marbury said his motivation in creating a sneaker that could be had for roughly $15 was because, growing up, he couldn’t afford expensive sneakers, and he wanted people to have an alternative.

Fast-forward nine years later, Marbury is retired from the NBA and plays for the Chinese Basketball Association, and he still believes in providing people with affordable sneakers. Last week, on Instagram, Marbury announced the relaunch of his sneaker, and he seems to be excited about it.

But Marbury had to defend his affordable sneaker line on social media against those who claim to be sneakerheads.

If you’re not into sneakers, you probably wouldn’t understand how snobby and pretentious sneakerheads can be. Half of these people were the same ones rocking grocery-store and Payless sneakers when they were kids, and couldn’t even afford a pair of L.A. Gears, but you couldn’t tell them that now.


Whereas Marbury should be commended for making a sneaker that’s affordable and doesn’t cost a mortgage, these sneakerheads seem to think that their $200-plus Jordans, or whatever sneaker they stand in line for hours waiting to be released, shouldn’t be in the same league. But the truth of the matter is that they’re the ones being bamboozled, especially since the sneakers are being made in the same factories.

Would they actually buy Marbury’s sneakers if they did cost a couple hundred dollars? The irony is that they probably would. But then again, these are the same people who probably wouldn’t have worn Under Armour clothing when the company started out because it was cheap. Now look at those prices.

And sure, you can sit there and say that sneakers shouldn’t be anyone’s concern. Kids shouldn’t worry about what’s on their feet. But gone are the days of walking barefoot up a hill, in the snow, to school. Sneakers aren’t going anywhere. Parents should have options when it comes to affordable sneakers. And hell, some adults without kids probably don’t want to drop a car payment on sneakers either. Thankfully, there are people like Marbury who are committed to providing affordable alternatives. Again.