Stephanie Mills Snatches Sam Smith by His Widow's Peak For Talking Crap About Michael Jackson

Stephanie Mills and Sam Smith
Stephanie Mills and Sam Smith
Photo: Jason Kempin,Christopher Polk (Getty Images)

As Michael Jackson’s 60th birthday approaches, mediocre British singer Sam Smith had the audacity to come for the King of Pop. While vacationing with fellow singer Adam Lambert, a video was posted of Smith saying that he doesn’t like Michael Jackson.


Many of Twitter urged Smith to put some respect on the King of Pop’s name, and even referenced the fact that his own song from the Bond movie sounded eerily similar to Jackson’s “Earth Song”. But there was one person’s reply that stood out even more, and it belonged to the legendary Stephanie Mills.

And she also reminded the world that Smith once referred to someone as a “black cunt”:

Basically, fuck this George Michael rip-off.

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

DISCUSSION are people not allowed to not like Michael Jackson?! Lol