State Farm Upsets Racists by Using Interracial Stock Photo in Tweet


State Farm just wanted to remind people when they're getting down on one knee during their proposal that they should protect their investments with insurance. But what they failed to realize is that in 2016, there are still people who have issues with interracial couples. Even if it's just a stock photo.


On Dec. 21, the insurance company tweeted out this simple photo:

To those with a nonracist eye, it's just a man proposing to a woman. But to racists, it's the end of the white race, and therefore, they must never use State Farm again:


@StateFarm Been a State Farm customer for 20 years. Will be taking business elsewhere next week.

— (@exxivy) December 24, 2016

@StateFarm what the hell are you doing? This is disgusting and nobody wants to see this

— Bran mak Morn (@mc_morn) December 24, 2016

And those were just the tip of the racist iceberg. The company received hundreds of replies to the ad, and although it didn't respond, a Geico bot had something to say:

@TxStormer Hi if there is something that I can help you with please contact us using the following link. - Denise

— GEICO Service Team (@GEICO_Service) December 24, 2016

So much holiday cheer in the world of racism.