Star Trek’s Nichelle Nichols Given Conservators Because of Dementia: Report

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Star Trek’s Nichelle Nichols, who played Lt. Uhura, will have four new people handling her financial affairs as her son, Kyle Johnson, says she’s suffering from dementia. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Barbara Johnson granted the temporary conservatorship to professional fiduciaries, though she did not have doctor’s proof that Nichols is suffering from the disease.


Johnson says that $259,000 is missing from his mother’s account, and her current manager, Gilbert Bell, recently deeded a property owned by Nichols to himself, according to My News LA.

The fiduciaries, who are not family members, will be in charge of Nichols’ finances, and although the actress was not in court Monday, she did not object to the temporary conservatorship. In total, the conservators say that Nichols owns two properties that are worth $2 million.


A hearing for permanent conservatorship is scheduled for Aug. 16.

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You don’t even need wealth for this shit to happen. In the closing hours of my grandmother’s life one of her daughters ran up her Sears card and pilfered her meager apartment.

Oh well, that aunt is good and dead now.