Spike Lee Says He Won’t Use Chrisette Michele’s Music in Netflix Series

Spike Lee via Instagram
Spike Lee via Instagram

It looks as though Chrisette Michele has lost a chance at a legitimate paycheck from Spike Lee.


Lee took to Instagram to share his disappointment about Michele’s upcoming performance for Donald Trump. And in doing so, he stated that he will no longer consider using her song “Black Girl Magic” for his upcoming remake of She’s Gotta Have It on Netflix.


Welp—maybe Trump will use the song in an upcoming season of The Apprentice, because Lee ain’t having it.

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

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this is a hard choice...i do feel that you can attend/perform at this inaugural and not be supportive of the person. i appreciate those that are not attending/performing and being public about it but for many it is a chance of a lifetime to be invited.

i don’t know that i would automatically say no to an invite by Trump’s white house...i really believe that the best way to combat these ass hats is to confront them not run-a-way. if you simply run-a-way you give them a clear path for whatever they want to do.

to be vigilant is to be confronting the opposition not hiding.