Spike Lee at the Concerned Student 1950 protest at the University of Missouri in 2015
YouTube Screenshot

Spike Leeā€™s newest short film will focus on the University of MissouriĀ campus protests that happened last year. Leeā€™s 2 Fists UpĀ will be released digitally May 31 by ESPN as part of its Spike Leeā€™s Lilā€™Ā Joints series. According to ESPN, the film will take a look at how theĀ Black Lives Matter Movement and activism at Mizzou go hand in hand.

Lee paid a visit to theĀ University of MissouriĀ campus over the weekend to attend a screening of the student-made documentary Concerned Student 1950 at the True/False Film Festival. During his visit, Lee also interviewedĀ students and he also filmed the students during various protests they held on campus.

Last fall,Ā University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe resignedĀ because of his handling of racial tensions on campus. Shortly after his resignation, black students began receiving threats of violence, not only on campus but also through various forms of social media.

It'll be interesting to see Leeā€™s take on the campusā€™Ā climate and howā€”or whetherā€”itā€™s changed over the year.


2 Fists Up airs May 31.