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Spike Lee’s long-awaited movie Da Sweet Blood of Jesus finally received a release date after Gravitas Ventures acquired the North American rights. Lee successfully funded his movie through his Kickstarter campaign last year, even though people wondered why someone of his stature needed to ask the public for money.

“Making Da Sweet Blood of Jesus is one of my most gratifying experiences in my body of work,” Lee told Deadline. “The support and love we got raising the money through Kickstarter is a true blessing. I thank everyone who brought this new Spike Lee Joint to life.”


According to Deadline, Da Sweet Blood of Jesus isn’t necessarily a vampire movie but involves an addiction to blood. The addiction stems from a long-forgotten ancient African tribe, and when the main character, Dr. Hess Green, discovers a long-lost artifact, it drives him to thirst for blood.

Gravitas Ventures will release the film to theaters and video on demand Feb. 13, 2015.

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