Spike Lee Did the Right Thing and Popped Champagne to Celebrate Trump's Exit

Spike Lee attends the NYFF screening of “David Byrne’s American Utopia” on October 04, 2020.
Spike Lee attends the NYFF screening of “David Byrne’s American Utopia” on October 04, 2020.
Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for HBO (Getty Images)

The countdown has begun—Donald John Trump is “getting his ass out Da White House!” You know who couldn’t be happier? Spike Lee, himself.


On Saturday, the nation (and the world) found out that America had a new president-elect—Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. Yes, Trump got fired on a non-business day. He got fired on his day off—whilst golfing, mind you. Swarms of U.S. residents took to the streets in celebration (which, how fucked up of a person do you have to be for people to celebrate the fact that you lost your job?) and Lee did the same in his hometown of Brooklyn (in the borough’s Fort Greene neighborhood, to be specific).

And yes, we can’t help but notice how much of the party was sprinkled with white. That’s gentrification for ya!

Page Six further reported:

The Oscar-winning writer and director led the block in singing Ray Charles’ “Hit the Road, Jack,” and at one point, Martin Luther King Jr.’s “We Shall Overcome” speech blasted from the speakers.

Ever the community advocate, Lee encouraged everyone to wear a mask amid New York City’s uptick in coronavirus infections.


Lee has been keeping that same energy for a while now, so of course, he’s earned this display of poppin’ bottles at a block party. In fact, he took to his Instagram to gloat...and gloat some more.




“I hope da U.S. GENERALS have changed his nuclear code ‘cuz he’s still da Commander-In-Chief until troops drag his ASS OUT DA WHITE HOUSE, Lee captioned one of his posts while re-sharing a film he made named, Da Klown Wit Da Nuclear Code. “No joke. Serious as COVID-19. FACTS.”

This past summer, Lee discussed the relevancy of inserting a Black MAGA supporter (portrayed by Delroy Lindo) in his latest film, Da 5 Bloods.


“What we came up with in the film is he’s a supporter of Agent Orange,” Lee told The Root, using his favorite term for the one-term president. “He drank the orange Kool-Aid. And it’s so sad that brother is smilin’ and grinnin’ and he doesn’t even know how he’s being used.”

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I fee like the media should just drag trump through the mile of humiliation by just posting about each and every single person that is celebrating his demise.
CNN: “Hey Amy from Savannah, Georgia, how did you celebrate?”
Amy: “With tons of white claw, woo!”
CNN: “That’s just perfect. This is our all day coverage of the world celebrating the end of trump.”