Don Cornelius hosting Soul Train in 1991
Youtube Screenshot

If you didn’t have a chance to enjoy Soul Train while it was still being broadcast—the original, of course, not the one hosted by Shemar Moore—you’re in luck, because it’s now headed to Broadway.

The Soul Train musical will be written by Anthony E. Zuiker, creator of television’s CSI franchise, according to Entertainment Weekly. Zuiker is also bringing along Tony Cornelius, son of Soul Train creator Don Cornelius, to executive-produce the musical.

Zuiker says he grew up in the Soul Train era and it was important to him and his mother.

“I speak from the heart when I say that Soul Train touched me deeply. It has impacted this country on so many levels, bringing joy and hope to so many people out there, including me,” he said in a press statement. “I am truly honored that … the rights holders have trusted me to share this important story and look forward to bringing Soul Train the musical to Broadway.”


Don Cornelius, who created Soul Train, died in 2012, but his son hopes that his father’s legacy will live on in the musical.

“Growing up on the set of Soul Train, I was acutely aware of how the show touched the lives of not only the audience but the dancers, the artists and the team that put on the show each week. However, what people don’t know is that the show did quite a few things extremely well,” Tony Cornelius stated.

“Music, dance, lighting and sound, all of which together enhanced its 37-year-old tradition in television history. It’s exciting to have Anthony help bring the story of Soul Train to life, extending my father’s vision as well as inspiring generations to come,” he continued.


No date has been set for the musical’s opening, but Zuiker hopes to have it on Broadway by 2017.