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Byon Artrell McCullough has a voice that you might mistake for that of a Grammy-winning singer, but unfortunately his life hasn't been that fortunate—yet. The 28-year-old, who lives in Florence, S.C., is currently homeless after serving time in prison, but he will sing for food.


"Am I homeless? Yes. Am I a bum? No," McCullough told the New York Daily News.

Known as No Cash Flo on Twitter, McCullough served three-and-a-half years in prison for drug charges, but he’s turned his life around and wants to show people that he has talent.


"I'm trying to show, if you show people you are trying to help yourself first, then people will be more willing to give you help," he said. "Homeless people are people, too. Life does just happen, that can make people feel overwhelmed at times. People should stop judging the homeless. If you don't have money to give them, try to give them some guidance and support."

Recently, a video of McCullough's singing went viral, and you can't deny that the man has talent.

McCullough told the Daily News that although he is technically homeless, he's not down and out. He occasionally stays with friends and family and recently picked up a painting job. Hopefully his voice will reach the right ears and someone will be willing to help him get his music career started!

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