Beyoncé and Jay-Z open their On the Run II Tour on June 6, 2018, in Cardiff, Wales.
Photo: Raven Varona (Parkwood Entertainment)

Whew, chile, when Beyoncé and the father of her children asked, “Have you ever seen a crowd going apeshit?!” they never imagined that would lead to some unsophisticated philistine jumping on the stage and chasing them like the couple owed him money.


As reported by CNN, the incident happened towards the end of the couple’s On the Run II show Saturday night at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Some man who must’ve made a deal with the devil because he got through all manner of security, tapped into his inner Usain Bolt and chased after the couple. Luckily Beyoncé’s dancers are trill because they snatched that uncultured swine up and helped defuse the situation before a bevy of security swarmed down like a host of angels after Gabriel’s trumpet blast. It was a biblical ass whooping.

Beyoncé’s publicist took to the gram to alert the Beyhive that the Carters were safe and looking forward to their next show.


Beyoncé and her husband have surpassed the $150 million mark with their On the Run II tour. See what can happen when take your number two album on the road and mind your business?