Lauren O’Neill and Steven Stinson 

Before Aubrey Graham was the popular rapper who now goes by the name “Drake,” he played a high school student who used a wheelchair on the teen soap opera Degrassi. Drake’s version of “starting from the bottom” wasn’t quite actually the bottom. He was Jimmy Brooks, a high school basketball player who became known as Wheelchair Jimmy after a school shooting left him paralyzed.

To pay homage to his meager beginnings, two Toronto natives are now slapping stickers of Drake’s head onto wheelchair signs across Toronto, where Drake is from.

According to BuzzFeed, Toronto blogger Lauren O’Neill and her BF Steven Stinson have invented what they call “draking.” “My boyfriend made the stickers last Wednesday, and we’ve been ‘draking’ the town ever since,” O’Neill told BuzzFeed. “We just want to make people smile.”

Check out a few photos of draking:



And of course, for Flashback Friday, here's Drake before he was rap-singing about his emotions and popping bottles: