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Three years ago, Issa Rae’s book, The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, skyrocketed onto several best-seller lists. It was basically a signal that Rae had “arrived” and wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Shortly after the book came her HBO series, Insecure, which, of course, we all know has millions of people sitting in front of their televisions on a weekly basis. But, yet, here we are, three years after the book, and apparently, some very slow readers have discovered a passage that has them riled up.


It’s Monday morning, and Rae is not trending because the new trailer for Insecure has dropped; she’s trending because some people are upset about the chapter in the book on black women and Asian men dating. Notice the type of people who are upset:


And did you know Rae was an “agent”?


It’s always some damn Hotep and a black woman who caters in misogynoir upset about something.

Now, let’s get some context to the chapter. Several years ago, there were a couple of online-dating stories that noted that black women and Asian men were the least desired when it came to dating websites and apps. Jokes were made about the scenario, and a plethora of black women and Asian men dating groups popped up. I mean, why not date each other?


And for added context, here’s the exact chapter in Rae’s book that people are upset about:


I’ve always told myself that there’s a population of black people who don’t understand satire or nuance, and they’re usually Hoteps or old church ladies.

It’s hilarious that those upset about the chapter in the book more than likely did not read the book, don’t have a sense of humor and probably wouldn’t touch a black woman with a 10-foot pole.


But yet, here we are, on a Monday morning, no new trailer for Insecure, but some bullshit on social media over something 3 years old.

If I were Rae, I definitely wouldn’t have stopped at Asian men. Black women, date who the hell you want. Just stay away from the Ashy Larry types.

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

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