Social Media Blasts Nivea for Skin-Lightening-Lotion Ad

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YouTube screenshot

Whether people want to accept it or not, some of your most trusted companies producing skin-care products in the U.S. take on different motives in other countries. Take, for example, the company behind Dove, the people who told us to “love the skin you’re in.” Unilever apparently doesn’t want people in Asian and African countries to do that, because they market skin-lightening products like Fair & Lovely.


And now another company is under fire for doing the same thing.

Apparently, someone on social media caught wind of a recent Nivea ad that’s making its way onto Nigerian television:


Nivea Nigeria’s Natural Fairness promises you “fair” skin and “even skin tone,” according to the product’s website. Sure, even skin tone is a thing. But as with most products marketed in other countries, “even” and “fair” typically mean “lighter.” Although the product doesn’t seem to have hydroquinone, a lightening agent, it lists natural ingredients like licorice to achieve a lighter look.

Sure, some will say that these products are sold in the U.S. as well, like Ambi, for example, but it seems as though the marketing in other countries is a little more dubious.

Social media had its thoughts about the products, of course:


But something tells me Nivea is banking on people’s hatred of their dark skin, which keeps their bottom line intact.

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

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You are what you say

This is a huge issue in both Africa and South East Asian that gets ignored simply because it doesn’t happen, I don’t think it will stop till they start losing money.