So This Cardi B and Beyoncé Collaboration Is Probably Actually a Real Thing That Is Happening

@TheBeyHiveTeam via Twitter
@TheBeyHiveTeam via Twitter

It looks like the rumored collaboration between Cardi B and Beyoncé is actually a real thing. The engineer who originally spilled the tea took to Snapchat to issue an apology, and Cardi B is said to have asked her fans to remove any pictures or video they may have shared of his original post.


Michael Ashby’s star was on the rise after producing Cardi’s big hit, “Bodak Yellow.” Ashby, aka Ashby the Mix Engineer, may have let his excitement get the better of him when he posted on Instagram that he was working on a song for Cardi that could feature the Queen Bey herself. Fans of both women immediately took note, and the rumor flew around the internet at lightning speed.


Beyoncé is known to keep her projects under wraps until they suddenly appear like so much magic, so it would not be surprising if Ashby was admonished for sharing the information.

In a post on Snapchat, Ashby publicly apologized to Beyoncé and her fans, saying he only shared it as a means of encouraging his Instagram followers who are “trying to grind” like him “in this tough business.”

“I cannot turn back the hands of time,” he wrote, “so at least this is a life lesson I’ve learned on my behalf and all I can do is move forward.”


Notice that he never said it wasn’t true. He apologized for sharing it, which would indicate that it is indeed a real project; we all just weren’t supposed to find out about it this way.

Hopefully, Ashby’s faux pas won’t cause the project to be nixed altogether, because we really need this for the culture.

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