SNL’s Michael Che Won’t Back Down From ‘Boston Being the Most Racist City’ Statement

Owen Hoffmann/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images
Owen Hoffmann/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Michael Che, the dry-witted co-host of Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update,” said what he said about Beantown, and he meant it.


And he told the city to its face.

At a recent standup show at Boston University last week, Che told the crowd that he stands by a comment he made on SNL the night before the Super Bowl: Boston is “the most racist city” he’s ever been to.


“I just want to relax, turn my brain off and watch the blackest city in America beat the most racist city I’ve ever been to,” he said.

The Boston Globe reports that Che said he received a lot of angry messages on social media after making the statement, including one from a woman who was particularly upset. But rather than explaining himself, Che said, he responded with this: “Talk to your closest black friend and ask them to explain it to you.” To which she responded: “Touche.”

And, at the end of the day, Che is just taking his cue from our commander in chief.

Che said that he never apologizes for his language or controversial statements because “I’m just trying to be more presidential.”

Ms. Bronner Helm is the Senior Editorial Director at Colorlines. Mouthy Black Girl. Rosalynn Carter Mental Health Fellow. Shea Butter Feminist. Virgo Sun, Aries Moon.

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As a wypipo and a Southerner who has spent quite a bit of time in Boston, I respectfully disagree. Yankees may be more up front and (M)assholish about their racism, but I don’t think they can touch the institutionalized racism endemic in many Southern cities.