Shuttle-Bus Driver Says Selfie With Kevin Hart Ruined Her Life

TMZ screenshot

A starstruck shuttle-bus driver at Los Angeles International Airport now says a selfie with comedian Kevin Hart has ruined her life.

Genesha Bradley spotted Hart while she was driving a National Car Rental shuttle bus around LAX last week. According to TMZ, Bradley pulled over once she spotted Hart, and he was gracious enough to take a photo with her. Bradley says even the family on the bus hopped out to capture a photo with Hart.

But her life changed once the video and photo went viral: The rental-car company suspended Bradley indefinitely without pay.


TMZ tracked Bradley down for an interview, and Bradley said that the father of the family on the bus got out to take “his selfie [with Hart] first.” Bradley also insisted that the family wasn’t upset that she stopped.

She feels that the suspension was not justified, but when asked if she would do it again, Bradley said, “If I would’ve known this was going to happen, then yes, I do regret it.” 

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