Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for NAACP

Gladiators everywhere were rejoicing for a couple of hours today when an entertainment site reported that Columbus Short's character on Scandal was being recast. Two weeks ago it was announced that Short was axed from the cast. Although no specific reasons were given, people assumed it was because of his tumultuous private life. Everyone obviously wondered if someone would step in to take over the role, or had Harrison met his maker at the hands of Papa Pope?

Today, the website Deadline reported that an actor by the name of Eric West was taking over the role of Harrison on the popular ABC series. Obviously the site failed to do some fact-checking and got the Gladiators all riled up on Twitter. 


That was until Shonda Rhimes set the record straight:

Insert the sighs of a billion Gladiators. Harrison is dead and somewhere there's an Eric West receiving congratulatory text messages. All for naught. 

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