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Shonda Rhimes
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We're experiencing a whole new Shonda Rhimes, and I'm loving it.

The TV boss lady is on a press tour promoting her new book, Year of Yes, and during an interview with People magazine, she revealed that she has a new opinion about the idea of marriage and whether she'd ever do it.


"I don't know. As I said in the book, maybe when I'm 75 or when my youngest [is] graduating from college; who knows," Rhimes said. Rhimes, a mother of three, once said that she wouldn't mind if her man came over every and now and then to have a cup of coffee, but she had no real interest in being married or cohabiting with a man.

Well, it seems she's not stuck on that thought as severely as she was before.

"Maybe I'll change my mind," she said, "but right now I don't see it."

She is still dead set on not living with a boyfriend or husband, since she likes her space with her three kids. "I'm like, just live next door. Live across the street!" Rhimes said during the interview. 

Hey, when you're that much of a boss, you deserve all the space you want.

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