Beloved Disney film Lady and the Tramp is back! This time, actor Tessa Thompson is the voice of “Lady”—and she has come down with a case of puppy love.

While fostering a dog she renamed Coltrane (named in honor of renowned jazz musicians Alice and John Coltrane), Thompson fell instantly in love. Soon after, she decided to adopt the dog—after all, adopting a pet was something Thompson has wanted to do.


“He [Coltrane] has been such a gift,” Thompson told The Root.

In this rendition of Lady and The Tramp, Thompson is joined by Justin Theroux (who voices the Tramp) as well as 2019 Root 100 honoree Janelle Monáe. You might recognize some other black and brown folks on the cast, including Yvette Nicole Brown and Kiersey Clemons.


Lady and the Tramp is streaming on Disney+ now.

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