Sherri Shepherd Settles Divorce, Agrees to Pay Child Support for Surrogate Child

Sherri Shepherd
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for NAACP

Sherri Shepherd can finally put her divorce issues behind her, but she’s also shelling out a few thousand dollars a month for her surrogate child. Shepherd and her ex-husband Lamar Sally came to a settlement agreement, and Shepherd will have to pay $4,100 a month in child support. When the child turns 13, the amount goes up to $4,600 a month.

With the new settlement, Shepherd is also able to pursue her claims that Sally defrauded her into marriage. If a court finds that is true, she will no longer have child support obligations.


But it gets a little messier. Apparently Sally and Shepherd have embryos in storage and she wants them destroyed, according to TMZ. If Sally chooses to keep them, Shepherd will not be required to pay child support for the child made with them.

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