Sherri Shepherd and Lamar “Sal” Sally in 2012
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It seemed as though there was going to be a light at the end of the tunnel for Lamar Sally and his court battle with Sherri Shepherd, but unfortunately, a Pennsylvania judge has prolonged the trial for another month. The judge in the case is trying to determine who should be the mother of the child currently in Sally’s custody.

During Sally and Shepherd’s marriage, the couple decided to have a baby via a surrogate and an egg donor. Talk about a lot of participants. Once Shepherd decided to divorce Sally, she refused to take responsibility for the unborn child and left them both in the dust. Peace out, see you later, is basically what Shepherd did. Now Sally, a single parent, is resorting to the court system to decide who’s the mama: Shepherd, the surrogate or the egg donor?


Sally was in court Wednesday along with the surrogate, Jessica Bartholomew, who is listed on the child’s birth certificate. Absent from the courtroom was Shepherd. 

Both Sally and Bartholomew spoke to People magazine after the judge postponed the hearing.

“I’m just frustrated that I’m the mother of the baby, but hopefully, when we come back again, all that will change,” Bartholomew told People.

Bartholomew has every right to be frustrated, especially since Sally filed for Medicaid, and she’s now responsible for paying child support because she is on the 7-month-old’s birth certificate.


“It’s heartbreaking, actually, very heartbreaking,” Sally stated after his court appearance.

Now everyone involved has to wait until the next court date, April 21. Shepherd is scheduled to appear this time.

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