‘She Ready’ for HBO: Tiffany Haddish Signs Deal With Premium Cable Outlet to Develop New Projects

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for BET
Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for BET

HBO just gave you another reason not to let go of your ex’s HBO Go password to keep tuning in once #DemThrones goes off the air.

As Variety reports, actress and comedian Tiffany Haddish has penned a two-year, first-look deal with HBO, where she will develop new projects for the premium cable outlet.

Haddish is coming in hot after a breakout 2017, in which her much-lauded performance in the raunchy, heartfelt comedy Girls Trip garnered her a New York Film Critics Circle award for best supporting actress. Her collection of personal essays, The Last Black Unicorn, also landed on the New York Times best-seller list, and just in case that isn’t enough Tiffany for you, she recently announced her 2018 stand-up tour dates.


The deal with HBO means it will get first dibs on any show concepts Haddish comes up with. Personally, I’m advocating for Haddish to get her own late-night talk show, but I would also watch a Haddish reboot of Reading Rainbow, a romantic dramedy featuring Haddish and Sterling K. Brown, or a Mystery Science Theater-esque show that’s basically just Haddish doing live commentary over HBO’s prestige dramas.

Just let her do all the things.

As exciting as Haddish’s new deal is who she might bring along to feature in a new project. As she told the NYFCC in her epic awards speech: “It’s been so many years when nobody saw me. You know, when you’re a little kid, going through the system, doing all this—you wonder, ‘Does anyone even know I’m alive?’


“There’s so many people like me that you guys don’t know about,” Haddish added. “But they coming, ’cause I’ll keep the fucking door open.”

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I can’t get excited about this until Mo’Nique tells me it’s okay.