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Promotional image of the 1971 movie Shaft
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This remake of Shaft should be good, if you think the ABC series Black-ish is comedic and cultural genius, as I do.

That's right; according to the Hollywood Reporter, the 1971 blaxploitation film is getting a reboot, and Kenya Barris, the force behind Black-ish, has been tapped to write the script. Reports say that Barris will infuse some comedy into this iteration of the movie.


New Line (the production company that brought us Friday) is producing it. 

Shaft was a cornerstone of the blaxploitation film genre in the 1970s that featured African Americans as kick-ass characters involved in action-packed storylines. 

It'll be interesting to see Barris' spin on the film, since he does such a wonderful job with Black-ish, making race commentary digestible for mainstream audiences and racially conscious black folk.

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