Hampton Fluker

Actor Hampton Fluker is bound to become a household name. The Atlanta native already has credits from roles in such shows and films as The Good Wife, Aquarius, the Whitney Houston biopic and The Blind Side. But his recent role on the hit NBC series Shades of Blue has put an even bigger spotlight on his acting.

Fluker plays¬†Marcus Tufo on Shades of Blue, and although he's surrounded by some heavyweights‚ÄĒJennifer Lopez and¬†Ray Liotta‚ÄĒas co-stars, he's managed to hold his own.

As the season comes to a close Thursday night, Fluker's character will be in the spotlight. But, of course, this is a no-spoiler zone, and Fluker wasn't giving The Root any information.

"When I read the last script, I had to call a cast mate and we both went, 'Wow.' I was shocked and surprised. So I can't give details, but everyone will be as shocked as I was," Fluker says in an interview with The Root.


Although Fluker is a theater-trained actor out of Boston University, he says it's definitely a change of pace to play a police officer. On the show, Tufo is a loyal cop, even though corruption is rampant.

"Tufo is extremely loyal. Even though the show is about corrupt cops, they're still a family. It's dark, but also true to life," Fluker says.


And true to life it is, especially when it comes to shedding light on just how corrupt the police can be. That's what separates Shades of Blue from other cop dramas that have aired over the last several years. It's not afraid to push the envelope, and it's not afraid to show the bad seeds that exist.

The season finale of Shades Of Blue airs Thursday night on NBC. And don't fret: If you haven't watched any episodes yet, it's available On Demand, and it's already been renewed for a second season.


I'm just hoping nothing crazy happens to Tufo tonight.