Alfonso Ribeiro
YouTube Screenshot

Yes, we are biased. Alfonso Ribeiro is our favorite star on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars. Week after week, Ribeiro has proved why he’s the GOAT. And no, it doesn’t matter that he was the Tap Dance Kid, or that he danced with Michael Jackson, or even that the Carlton dance is part of black history. Ribeiro single-handedly—well, with the help of his dance partner—breathed life back into the show.

But that may all be over.

You see, Ribeiro may have danced a little bit too hard while doing the Carlton on a previous episode of DWTS. According to TMZ, during that episode Ribeiro suffered a groin injury as he performed his popular dance, and during Wednesday’s rehearsal he injured his back trying to overcompensate. The site also says that Ribeiro underwent an MRI on Thursday, and doctors said that the next 48 hours would be crucial for the dancer.

In the words of The Root’s newswriter Breanna Edwards, “Fix it, Jesus. Fix it, Sway.” If Ribeiro is out for the season, it’s proof that life just isn’t fair.