Sauce, Explained

I have watched this video countless times, and the end result has always been tears of laughter.


Who is that adorable chubby-cheeked super dabber of the group?

Then there are the karate hands. Why didn’t they show their friend how to dab? Why set him up like that?


Why is the “Aww lawd” the thing that finally sends me over the edge?

I hope the man who recorded this video taught the little kid how to properly execute a dab.

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

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Michael Harriot

If there is such a thing as “too much sauce”

Too much sauce

When you emit an excessive level of sauce or flavor, usually pertaining to peoplewho “got the juice.”

Then, conversely, there must be some who don’t have enough sauce. Somebody took that kid’s sauce and is walking around with extra sauce.