San Francisco Police Looking Into Pepsi Commercial Over Logo Use

@SFPD via Twitter

Not only was the Pepsi commercial featuring Kendall Jenner a load of crock, but it now seems the company may have some legal issues coming from the San Francisco Police Department over logo usage.

Apparently the police depicted in the commercial were supposed to be San Francisco police officers, even though the commercial was filmed in Thailand. According to TMZ, Pepsi used a logo on the sleeves of the costumes worn by the actors that was very similar to the official SFPD logo, and the SFPD never gave Pepsi permission.


Here’s the logo from the SFPD’s Twitter account:

And here’s the logo from the Pepsi commercial:

Screenshot via YouTube Pepsi

The SFPD is currently working with the City Attorney’s Office to see if Pepsi crossed the line. Again.

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