Ryan Coogler
Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for Allied

Last year was one hell of a year for Ryan Coogler after the release of Creed, starring Michael B. Jordan, which turned out to be a blockbuster hit. Now the director has been tapped to helm Marvel’s Black Panther movie, which many fans have been anticipating since it was announced in 2014 that Chadwick Boseman was set to portray T’Challa, the head of the fictional African nation of Wakanda in Black Panther.

In an interview with Empire magazine, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige said that not only will Coogler direct the movie, but the majority of the cast will be black. Feige commented on the importance of keeping with the comic’s origins, as well as Wakanda, especially since it’s the studio’s first stand-alone black superhero movie.


“This one is important,” Feige said. “Not only do you get an unbelievable lead character, but you also get all of Wakanda, which is a whole new setting and culture to explore.”

Coogler and Boseman’s star power are sure to make the movie a hit. Not to mention, Marvel fanatics are fiercely loyal to their favorite comics. 

You still have a couple of years to wait, because you know you can’t rush something as good as this. Black Panther isn’t set to hit the theaters until 2018.