Russian Designer Tries to Issue Ridiculous Nonapology After Using Racial Slur in Note to Blogger

Well, well, well. Another day, another white person not realizing that it’s really never appropriate to use the word “nigga” (or any variation thereof).

This time, Russian fashion designer Ulyana Sergeenko is meeting some swift backlash for a note she sent blogger and co-founder of Buro 24/7, Miroslava Duma.

Duma was the one who shared the note on her Instagram story on Monday night. The note read, “To my niggas in Paris”—a quip and a nod, I suppose, to the Jay-Z-and-Kanye song.


Needless to say, the backlash was swift and harsh, and by Tuesday morning, Sergeenko posted the most hilarious nonapology of all time, except it only served to add fuel to the fire.

In this nonapology, the fact that her daughter is part Armenian, and she grew up in a small town in East Kazakhstan, somehow became pertinent information because of her use of the word. She also cited wanting to be “as cool” as the rappers, admitting quite openly that she and Duma sometimes call each other niggas.

“I woke up this morning with my phone full of insulting messages ‘you deserve the worst in your life,’ ‘die white trash’…and so on,” Sergeenko wrote in a post that was later removed. “I have never divided people on white or black.


“Kanye West is one of my favorite musicians, and NP is one of my favorite songs...And yes, we call each other the N word sometimes when we want to believe that we are just as cool as these guys who sing it,” she continued. “I am deeply sorry to everyone whom I might have offended.”


Needless to say, nobody bought that shit.


It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Duma has been dragged online. Back in 2014, Duma’s news magazine, Buro 24/7, published a photo of Garage magazine Editor-in-Chief Dasha Zhukova sitting in a chair that resembled a black woman.


So ... there’s that information, which might make this new bit of news not that shocking after all.

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KC Complains A Lot


For fuck’s sake, you own LITERALLY EVERYTHING ELSE ON THE PLANET. Can we not just have this thing? Can y’all just excuse yourselves from ownership of one thing and not act perplexed and flummoxed by the idea of ONE. FUCKING. THING not belonging to you, so you can’t use it as you see fit?

And since when in the fuck did “nigga” mean “cool person”? What type of white fuckery is that? Was this discussed at the White Privilege People’s Picnic while eating bland potato salad and burnt hamburgers?