Run It Back: Kanye West's Opera Mary (and Special Guest Silver Kanye) Is Coming to New York City

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While millions of fans throughout the world continue to pour out liquor on the curb in loving memory of the Old Kanye, the new and improved version—who aspires to Make America Great Again and is incapable of producing tolerable music—has announced his latest cash grab.


If you live in New York City, and for some reason lamented the fact that you missed the Miami debut of Silver Yeezy earlier this month, you’re in luck, because, as Pitchfork reports, Mr. Kardashian will be bringing his Sisqó-inspired complexion—and latest creation Mary—to the Big Apple on Dec. 22 at Lincoln Center’s David Geffen Hall.

Originally titled Birth of Jesus, Mary is an opera that will feature a Bible verse from Matthew 1:20, music from his Sunday Service choir and a complimentary side of gratuitous ego. As previously noted, Mary made its official debut at Miami Marine Stadium during Art Basel earlier this month to a collection of head scratches and mixed reviews. It’s possible that this performance will serve as the precursor to Kanye’s rumored upcoming album Jesus is Born, which is expected to be released on Christmas Day.

For those willing to forfeit either their mortgage or their firstborn, tickets are available at the Lincoln Center’s website.

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