Rosario Dawson Is 'Proud' of Her Jersey Boo Cory Booker Winning Reelection to U.S Senate Seat—and Yes, She Voted for Him

Rosario Dawson and Senator Cory Booker pose for pictures after the fourth Democratic primary debate of the 2020 presidential campaign on October 15, 2019.
Rosario Dawson and Senator Cory Booker pose for pictures after the fourth Democratic primary debate of the 2020 presidential campaign on October 15, 2019.
Photo: Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images (Getty Images)

Five hundred twenty-five thousand, six hundred do you measure, measure an election year?! That’s how long it seems to be taking to get the swing state results for the 2020 presidential election, by the way.

Oh, look! A reference from a film adaptation that Rosario Dawson starred in! That is a great segue to today’s news!

You probably know by now that New Jersey Senator Cory Booker won his reelection race on Tuesday night and will be serving his 2nd full term. Well, along with his supporters, his girlfriend is pretty damn happy about it. Dawson took the energy of the “Boo” in Booker and proudly shouted out her man for his win on Instagram.


“So proud of and grateful for you my love,” Dawson wrote in the caption. “I got to vote for you here in New Jersey and am so glad that you overwhelmingly and rightfully won your seat again. To know your leadership will continue to guide us with love, brilliance, patience, grace and effectiveness is the kind of representation and hope we need. We saw record turnout and need to keep building so that we can win both houses and make real change!”

The two have been reportedly dating since the fall of 2018 after meeting at a political fundraiser held for a mutual friend of theirs. As Dawson noted in her IG post, she’s currently living in New Jersey and from Booker’s BuzzFeed News profile in October, the couple is living together.

“We already know we’re not gonna get to [unpacking Rosario’s boxes] until after the election,” Booker told BuzzFeed at the time. “This is the first time in my life I’ve really lived with somebody—and obviously Rosario and I are enjoying and adjusting to that, right?”


Following the triumphant news on Tuesday, Booker took to Instagram as well to thank his supporters.


“New Jersey, I’m once again humbled by the faith you’ve placed in me. Thank you for standing with me and allowing me the honor of representing our great state in Washington. Our work is far from finished,” the senator wrote.

According to People, Dawson left a comment on his page, “Congratulations my love. I’m so grateful for your leadership and your team. We need you.”


Now that the election is over, I’m guessing there’s more unfinished work for Dawson and Booker—to start unpacking boxes!

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Oh...they’ve been dating. That’s nice...
(damn, my jealously is oddly placed. Like when our prince DWade took my dream girl Gabriel Union, it makes sense, just...damn)

Still don’t understand why people don’t support Cory more, the man adamantly looks for union of both sides regardless of beliefs. And he does it with such a strong, soothing voice....
(Ok, Rosario, now I see it)