Roland Martin            
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There has been one group of people who’ve been seemingly silent since a video was released of a McKinney, Texas, police officer brutally violating a 15-year-old girl in a bikini after being called to shut down a pool party. People all over social media and black media have noticed the deafening silence of mainstream (ahem … white) feminists when it comes to speaking out against the brutality Dajerria Becton received at the hands of David Eric Casebolt.

The tweet below is just one example of how people have been calling out so-called feminists who don’t seem to be interested in a young black girl’s brutalization.

On Tuesday, Roland Martin called out several organizations, including the National Organization for Women, that he felt should be stepping up to the plate and showing their support for Dajerria.

Martin focused on NOW and stated why: “All too often, in cases involving black women, NOW has been missing in action.”


“You can’t say that you care about women,” Martin added, “but then you only care about women who are nonblack.”

Martin also put the organization on blast on Twitter:


And what do you know? NOW then put out a press release about the pool incident.

NOW President Terry O’Neill called for a Department of Justice investigation as well as the resignation of the officer, but that may have been too little too late, because Casebolt resigned early Tuesday:

We can only look with revulsion on the images from McKinney, Tex., of a white police officer pushing a 15-year old Black girl in a bathing suit face-down on the ground and placing a knee on her back. Today, we are shocked, angered, and deeply worried for the well being of this young woman. Tomorrow, we need answers, and action.

If the girl had been white, would she have received the same treatment from the white police officers on the scene?

Would the white police officer involved have even considered pulling a white teenage girl by the hair while screaming “ON YOUR FACE!” and then sitting on top of her while she cries, “call my mother”?


Martin continued to call out the organization, and rightfully so:

Once again, these so-called women’s-rights organizations proved that black and Latino women are in this fight alone. And guess what? We got this.