Robin Thicke Is Engaged—and the Line Between Copy and Paste Is Blurred

Robin Thicke and April Love Geary attend the De Grisogono party during the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival on May 19, 2015 in Cap d’Antibes, France.
Robin Thicke and April Love Geary attend the De Grisogono party during the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival on May 19, 2015 in Cap d’Antibes, France.
Photo: Andreas Rentz (Getty Images)

Remember when Robin Thicke tried—and tried, and tried again—to get that old thing back a few years ago? Well, if you weren’t paying attention since then, homie decided to finally (and thankfully) move on from his ex, Paula Patton.

Shortly after the failed soliloquy album pointedly called Paula disappeared from our life space, Robin met a new love: April Love, in fact.

He even had a whole ass baby with the then-19-year-old, whose full name is April Love Geary. They’re also expecting a second child, due in March 2019. Now, the couple is engaged! The two reportedly got engaged on Christmas Eve. Consider his life officially moved on.


Here’s the thing, though. I think Robin went to the Reggie Bush School of Klones, since April is a total doppelgänger of Paula’s. The singer was definitely crooning Adele’s famous lyric, “Never mind I’ll find someone like youuuuu!” (Shout-out to boss lady Danielle Belton for that particular inspiration).

Not unlike his single, “Blurred Lines” sounding a bit too much like Marvin Gaye’s “Got to Give It Up” for the legendary artist estate’s liking, April is looking a little bit too “Ctrl / Command + C, Ctrl / Command + V” for my comfort.


It’s creepy, right? Yes, out of context, folks can simply just have a physical type or preference, but the 41-year-old’s history is working against him here. Along with dedicating a song to Paula at the 2014 BET Awards, this part bears repeating as fuck: He. Made. An. Album. For. The. Ex. He. Cheated. On. To. Try. To. Get. Her. Back. And. Named. It. After. Her.

Despite the album (or maybe, it added fuel to the existing dumpster fire), Paula filed for divorce in October 2014.


“What I thought was romantic was just embarrassing,” Robin admitted in a 2015 interview with The New York Times.

In early 2017, Paula filed a restraining order against Robin in connection with their son Julian, citing physical abuse, which Robin denied, according to TMZ. It was a whole mess. The two ended their contentious custody battle back in August of that same year, People reported.


Cut to today and Robin seems to be “lost without” April Love. According to USA Today, Robin surprised April at a gathering. When he asked the ultimate question, she retorted with, “Are you serious?”

Apparently, he was. And is. They gettin’ married, y’all!

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