Riley Curry modeling Freshly Picked moccasins
Freshly Picked

It’s about time Riley Curry stopped living off her father’s dime and got a job of her own (sarcasm). The 3-year-old daughter of NBA star Stephen Curry and his wife, Ayesha, is now the face of Utah-based Freshly Picked, a company known for its kiddie moccasins.

In new ads, young Riley promotes the company’s new line of hard-soled shoes for older kids, called the Next Step Shoe.


“Riley was a very natural choice for us to work with because she has been wearing Freshly Picked since day one—she grew up in Freshly Picked,” Susan Petersen, founder and creator of the moccasin company, said in a press release. “One time, her mother, Ayesha, posted a picture of Riley’s favorite Freshly Picked moccasins after they had been chewed up by their dog, and we loved how that image perfectly captured the reality of the large part that Freshly Picked plays in every day of Riley’s childhood.”

I’m quite sure this won’t be the last time you see Riley as the face of a brand. With her bubbly personality and parents’ good looks, she’s definitely made for modeling.