Riley Curry Is the Real MVP

Stephen and Riley Curry
YouTube Screenshot
Stephen and Riley Curry
YouTube Screenshot

A lot of things have been said about Stephen Curry’s daughter, Riley. The 2-year-old has pretty much taken over the postgame press conferences, but apparently a lot of people in the world aren’t used to children.

Many have criticized Curry for bringing his daughter to the microphone during the press conferences, and some have even referred to her as a brat. But you know what? Riley Curry is the real MVP of the NBA semifinals. Why? Because she’s proving that it’s hard out here for 2-year-olds.

Take a look at Riley during Wednesday night’s press conference.

Toddlers have tough lives.

Their parents parade them around in front of crowds and expect them to be on their best behavior, when all they want to do is be 2-year-olds. Whether being fidgety, falling out when she’s trying to be held or even talking back in toddler babble, Riley has proved to be just your average cute kid who’s acting her age.


It’s amazing that so many people seem to have issues with Riley. But what people fail to see is that these basketball players who bring their children to their press conferences are proving that there’s more to their lives than bouncing and dunking a ball for team owners and fans. They’re husbands. They’re boyfriends. They’re fathers taking care of their children.

There’s no difference between Joe Bob Smith bringing his child to work in the accounting office and Curry bringing Riley. Instead of criticizing and shaming Curry for bringing his daughter “to work,” what people need to do is embrace the fact that he’s taking part in his daughter’s life—because God only knows that people love to point out the deadbeat dads.

So whether or not Curry wins a championship, he and Riley definitely deserve MVP awards for the best father-and-daughter duo on TV.

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