Diana Ozemebhoya Eromosele
Rihanna; Matt Barnes
Jason Kempin/Getty Images; Angela Weiss/Getty Images
Rihanna; Matt Barnes
Jason Kempin/Getty Images; Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Rihanna was befuddled (purely befuddled, it seems) to find that NBA player Matt Barnes thinks the two of them have something romantic going on, or are headed in that direction. 

It all started when Barnes was interviewed by a TMZ cameraman and said that he thinks his and Rihanna's relationship has "passed the crush stage." 

When asked if there is "a future" for him and Rihanna, Barnes said, "Yeah, possibly." 


Barnes, who was recently traded to the Memphis Grizzlies, when asked if "distance" might pose a problem in a possible relationship with Rihanna, joked that Rihanna was rich and that she'd "be all right." 

Well, Rihanna didn't take too kindly to his insinuations. She got on Instagram and used a series of hashtags to communicate that not only has she never met Barnes, but she's also not into him: #shesnotthatintoyou; #shesneverevenmetyou.

Yikes, there was obviously a miscommunication—or lack thereof. Maybe Barnes is communicating with someone who he thinks is Rihanna? 

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