Photo: Photo by Tim P. Whitby (Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

The last we heard of Rihanna and Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel, the two had parted ways—reportedly because she had simply grown tired of dude.

But the pair were recently spotted together in Mexico—sitting on a patio together, surrounded by tropical plants and a big ass grill—the sort of scene that would typically ignite rumors that the couple are back on.


That is, except for their body language.

Photos of the encounter, which were posted on The Shade Room’s Instagram account, seem to show the couple arguing with each other. In one photo, Rihanna points her finger at Jameel, her other hand holding a blunt, clearly in the middle of making a point.

In another photo, Jameel clutches his chest—a move many may recognize as the signature “I’m lying my ass off to you right now” move.


And in the final photo, Rihanna, Queen of House Fenty and Pope of the High Holy Church of No Fucks Given, looks either distressed or completely over it. Again, blunt in hand.


We have no idea what they may be arguing about. It could be about where to go for dinner. It could be about whether Drake’s “In My Feelings” or Cardi B’s “I Like It” is the song of the summer. It could be about the best method to save that Thai soccer team from an underwater cave (FYI—they’re safe!)

We do know that all couples argue—so the fact that they are isn’t news in itself. But so few of us peasants look so good while doing it at say, the community pool while a gang of kids screams “Marco! Polo!” in the background.


Whatever the topic of their heated discussion, may any one of us ever be so lucky to sit in the sun, high-grade in hand, skin glistening (surely, there’s Fenty Body Lava involved) and arguing with our billionaire on-again, off-again lovers.