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Rihanna in 2015
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I was worried that Beyoncé's comeback would overshadow Rihanna's new album, Anti, and the Anti World Tour.

Beyoncé's "Formation" single, released on Saturday, made a heck of an impact, but Rihanna has celebrating of her own to do. Back in July, the Recording Industry Association of America announced that Rihanna was the first and only artist to surpass its "100 million cumulative singles award threshold," since she has the most download sales and on-demand streams in the United States.


She received a plaque for the honor and posted a photo of it on Instagram on Wednesday, cheesing from ear to ear.

"Thank you to my kill team, NAVY we're the 1ST & ONLY in history to be @RIAA_awards certified with 100M song awards and…..#ANTI is PLATINUM!" she posted.

Congratulations, Rihanna. Nice to see two black women in the music industry—Beyoncé and Rihanna—making such huge strides. 

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