Resistbot Makes It Easy to Fax Your Senators

ResistBot via Instagram
ResistBot via Instagram

From busy signals to emails bouncing back, nowadays it’s not that easy to get in contact with your local senators to complain about, let’s say, the president and the impending doom the U.S. is facing. Sometimes the old way can be the easiest way, and with Resistbot, you can fax your government officials with a simple text message from your cellphone.


With a simple text of the word “resist” to 50409, Resistbot will ask for your zip code, and within seconds, you’re on your way to crafting a personalized fax to your senators. Now, some may want to flood the fax machines with hate faxes, but how about we use technology wisely?

After your first fax is sent, Resistbot will follow up with you in 24 hours and request your full address so that you can send a fax to your House representative.

“Civic engagement isn’t a tools problem, it’s an engagement problem, and it hasn’t been solved yet,” Jason Putorti, one of the volunteers who built Resistbot, told FastCompany. “There’s tons of tools to contact Congress. If they worked well, then they’d be as ubiquitous as Facebook, Twitter or other services people engage with on a daily basis. ... Resistbot is just one more experiment in a long lineage, and our goal is that the user experience will help people engage regularly with the people that represent them.”

So you know what to do now. Get to faxing!

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).


Great suggestion Yesha! Last week with Trumpcare my MOCs phone just kept ringing and it was frustrating. I work pretty close to their office so I showed up. When all else fails yall - turn up!