Remember Twitter's Music App?


(The Root) — If you're surprised to hear that Twitter launched a music app for the iPhone and the Web last month, you're not alone. The app, #Music, seems to have slipped under the radar of many Twitter users, and now, one month after its launch, it looks as if the app will soon be a memory.


The Verge reports that #Music recently fell out of the top 100 iPhone/iPad apps, bested by more popular music apps like Spotify, All Access and The website speculates that #Music's struggle to impress lies in the fact that it is "doing so much less than those services." To listen to anything beyond a snippet of a song via #Music, users have to turn to Spotify or Rdio. In short, the Verge says, "#Music cares more about data than it does its people."

This potential smudge on Twitter's record won't leave a stain, however. Social media giants such as Twitter try new things on a wing and a prayer all the time. Best-case scenario: #Music takes off and dethrones Spotify as a preferred streaming-music service. Worst-case scenario: #Music bombs and fades into oblivion, and Twitter is still Twitter, superhuge and wildly successful.

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Tracy Clayton is a writer, humorist and blogger from Louisville, Ky.