Remember That Time President Obama Shot a Rainbow Out of His Arm?

Pete Souza via Instagram
Pete Souza via Instagram

I’ve made a bad habit out of viewing my “On This Day” list curated by Facebook. You know, the list that reminds you of all the stuff you probably shouldn’t have posted on Facebook.


A couple of weeks ago, as I was having brunch with someone I didn’t want to have brunch with but only did because I was bored, I scrolled through my “On This Day” list and saw a Facebook post from four years ago that read, “Never trust a hipster with an ugly dog.”

Coincidentally, that was the same hipster I was having brunch with. So of course it made sense to show him the post. And, of course, he was offended that I called his dog ugly. Not because I didn’t trust him (priorities). But I figured that after showing it to him, I’d finally never hear from him again. It worked, eventually.


That really has nothing to do with this photo of President Barack Obama shooting a rainbow out of his arm, though. But this photo is one of my absolute favorites that I came across this week.

On April 10, 2015, which technically isn’t “this” day, Obama was leaving Jamaica after a visit, and Pete Souza captured this awesome photo:

Shoot a rainbow from his arm? Donald Trump could never. But there seems to be a downpour of poo wherever he goes.

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

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